Madam Glam Polishes

It’s me again! Before I left on my trip for Denver/Kansas I placed an order and received my first Madam Glam polishes. In fact I placed this order in February because I used one of them in my birthday nails, which I will include pictures of in this post. I had seen a lot of video reviews and Instagram posts on this brand so I decided to give it a try. As if I don’t already have more than enough polishes. Somehow that just doesn’t seem to matter and I keep adding to my collection! One of these days I will bite the bullet and do a count…it has been awhile lol. Any way back to Madam Glam. I really hate diving into a new brand because it is so hard to just pick a few to try! And of course as usual most of the colors are ones I always gravitate to…I really am trying to change that up a bit but it is soooo hard lol!!! Madam Glam polishes are vegan, cruelty-free and 5-free. The bottles are tall, narrow and have a unique look to them, which is not always good if you are less than graceful at times. I have been lucky and have only attempted to knock over an open bottle but not succeeded!



Midnight Lover, Indigogo, Happy Birthday, Be My Baby, Aqualicious & Coral Passion.

My first impressions of Madam Glam are very good. All of them were easy to work with and I had no issues. The formula on all colors was very good, which is surprising since some are what I would consider neon. And neons are usually known for not so great formulas. All swatches are 2 coats with a base coat of Zoya Anchor and a top coat of HK Girl. Of course I will need to obtain a few more Madam Glam polishes just to be sure(any excuse to buy more polish…lol like I need to have an excuse, right?!?!?!)

Midnight Lover, this polish is filled with gold toned holographic microglitter and small purple hex glitters in a violet base. At least that is my take on the color…I hate describing polish colors. I usually just take the descriptions from the website, but they don’t seem to have much in the way of descriptions for their polishes lol. So I guess that means you have to put up with my fumbling attempts at color descriptions! This is opaque in 2 coats.

Indigogo, a very bright neon purple cream that their website describes as electric violet. This dries to a dull finish so you will need a top coat to make it shiny. This is one of those colors that can kind of freak my camera out but I think I finally got a shot that is fairly accurate.


Happy Birthday, a very pretty rose petal pink cream. This is the perfect light pink and I love it. It goes on really smooth. This is the polish that I used for the base of my birthday nails …the 50th birthday nails. Still hard to process that I am 50 lol! The stamped nails were done using Essie Penny Talk and MoYou Festive Collection Plate 02. Accent nail is Loaded Lacquer Saki Bomb, probably my most favorite glitter polish! And of course all topped with HK Girl top coat.

Be My Baby, a very bright hot pink that leans a little red. This definitely makes the camera go crazy! I took numerous pics and this is as close as I can come with the accuracy. I know I see people talk about editing the color to get it color accurate ….but I have no clue what I am doing so that would be a nightmare for me lol. This comes pretty close in my opinion. It is slightly pinker and a little brighter in person.


Aqualicious, the name pretty much says it all…a bright aqua cream polish. This is not one of my usual colors but it is one in this color range that I tend to gravitate to more than others. Another great color for summer along with several of the others.


Coral Passion, another one with a name that pretty much says it all… this is a bright neon coral cream polish. This one will look great with a tan or can even make you look more tan even if you aren’t. I have a few polishes that do that and I love to wear them when it first starts getting warm. You know, when you are still pasty white from winter!!


I have really enjoyed these polishes and would definitely recommend that you try them out. Madam Glam polishes as I said before are vegan, cruelty-free and 5-free. After checking their site I found that they have dropped the price of their polish. I’m not sure if this is for a limited time or if it is the new price of them. When I purchased these they were $10.95 each but when I made an account on their site I got a code for 50% off my first order. According to their site these are now $7.90! That is a great price! I am not sure how much polish the bottles contain because it is not marked on their bottles and I can’t find any mention of that in the listing for the polishes. I didn’t go through all of the polishes but the ones I checked didn’t have mention of size that I could see! They seem to be a decent size and I would say they are close if not “normal” size if I had to guess. The bottle shape being different makes it a little harder to tell exactly.

My Trip to Denver

   Hello everyone! Last month I took a much needed vacation for myself. I have a friend who lives in the northwestern part of Kansas that I went and visited. Since Denver is closer to her, that is where I flew into and we spent a few days there.

I have only ever flown one other time and that was ages ago! About 30 years to be exact. I flew home with my oldest son, who at that time was 3 years old(he will be 33 on May 5!!!). We had visited with my aunt and uncle who had lived in Alllentown, PA at that time.A lot has changed since then and I vaguely remember flying. I think I was more concerned with keeping my son calm and occupied! And my uncle made all my arrangements. SO this really felt like my first time flying and traveling by myself! Of course we had to go all in too! I flew out of Cleveland, which is about a 2 hour drive from my home. Both my flight out and my return flight home had layovers…on the way out I flew to Denver by way of Atlanta lol.On the return home it was a bit more of a logical layover….Detroit. Omg in Detroit I landed at I think gate 9 and to catch my flight for the rest of my trip home I had to go to gate 71!! Since I had about 3 hours to kill I decided to take up some of my time by walking from gate 9 to gate 71! Maybe not the best idea…that was a lot of walking LOL. While making that long walk I ran across this shop and had to take a pic! My youngest son’s name is Dylan!


  I have never been much of a traveler(Only because it’s so expensive!! I would love to travel more!) and this was my first time in Denver. It is absolutely beautiful and the Rockies are amazing! I only saw them from afar this time but maybe I will get back there again sometime and get to see them close up! Other than the mountains the thing that struck me the most was how flat the land was…VERY FLAT and so few trees lol!! I am from northwestern PA and it is the land of hills, valleys and lots of trees!!!



My friend Kathy and I spent spent a couple of days in Denver and she showed me some of her favorite places to shop! Of course there had to be shopping involved, right? One of the places we went was the Park Meadows Mall. Now mind you, I am a small town girl from a fairly rural area lol. I had never been to a mall that had 2 levels of stores lol. I have been to malls where some of the department stores have second levels but only one level of mall stores. The Park Meadows mall was beautiful and had so much character with it’s decor! And of course it had a stand alone Sephora, which I had never been in! We only have one located inside JC Penny’s and it is not really very big lol. The ladies working there that helped me with my very first high end foundation purchase were so nice and very helpful. Oh and I bought Makeup Forever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation. I really like it.

Ok so Denver is flat but Kansas is so much flatter lol!!! Had to have a pic of the snowplowing sign since my hubby works for PennDOT!


I had a great time and look forward to doing it again. It was so good to have girl time and girl talk!! It is in short supply in my life….3 sons and a hubby will do that lol!! I will definitely have to go visit Kathy again and who knows maybe I will even take hubby along too lol! We need a chauffeur, right lol???  If you ever get a chance to visit that part of the country(or world, depending on where you are from), I highly recommend it!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I hope everyone’s day went the way that you wanted, whether or not you celebrated Valentine’s Day! I was hoping to have this up sometime during last week but the USPS had other plans for me lol. These polishes were supposed to be arriving last Monday but didn’t get until yesterday, after 8 days of no movement on my tracking! And they were only coming to me from the other side of Pennsylvania! These are my first polishes from Philly Loves Lacquer. Before we get to anything about the polishes I want to take a few moments to tell you about the excellent costumer service I received from Esther of Philly Loves Lacquer. After not having movement on my tracking and the estimated delivery date coming and going without anything happening, I decided to contact her and see where I should start in trying to track them down. I got a prompt reply in which she said that she had set aside another set of polishes for me but to give it a couple more days if I didn’t mind, which I didn’t. They are her Valentine’s Day Trio but I ordered them more because I liked the colors rather than a need to have them for Valentine’s Day lol. This was Friday and when I got up on Saturday morning and checked the tracking again they had made it to my post office and were out for delivery. I headed straight to my email to let her know and she had already sent me one to say that my tracking finally had movement and to let her know what she could do to make up for it! Since the fault was all on the USPS I told her thanks for the offer but I was just glad she didn’t have to send out another set.  So even before setting eyes on the polishes, I was very impressed! Now onto the pretty polishes!!


This is the Philly Loves Lacquer Valentine’s Day Trio and I’m in love with them! Of course I’m a very girly girl and pinks, reds and glitter are right up my alley! The trio contains two crellies and a glitter topper. For my swatches I used a base coat of Zoya Anchor(my new favorite base coat!) and topped them with HK Girl top coat.  Let’s take a look at them….

Hearts On Fire  ~ A red crelly filled with red and holo microglitter. For my swatches I used two coats of Hearts On Fire for full opacity. So pretty and sparkly!


A Heart Shaped Love ~ A white and red glitter crelly filled with red glitters in a variety of shapes and sizes. For my swatches I used 4 thin coats of A Heart Shaped Love for mostly full opacity. My nails are pretty stained right now since I had a polish I used recently stain them. I think when I use this polish again I will use a base coat of white and top it with 2 thin coats of this to make it really opaque and cover the stains lol. It’s very pretty polish and I love it.


Pink Me ~ A glitter topper filled with pink glitters in a variety of shapes and sizes. The color of the glitter is beautiful and looks great over a number of shades of polishes. For my swatches I applied 2 coats of Glisten & Glow’s Topaz’s Cabin from the Winter Remix Collection – Young Wild and Polished Collaboration which I will have a review of coming soon and then 2 thin coats of Pink Me. I find that if I stand the bottle upside down while I am prepping my nails it is easier to get some of the heart glitters without having to fish for them. This really made the glitter stand out well in my opinion. Please excuse the very dry skin!!! I never noticed I forgot to lotion up my hands before taking these pics and when I did notice I had already taken the polish off!! So you get it like this…I will do better at remembering everything once I get back into the groove!!


I have to say that I really loved these polishes and the formulas on all 3 are great. Nice and smooth applications with no issues. I also used all 3 of these polishes for my Valentine nails. I started with Zoya Anchor for my base coat. On my pinkie and index finger I used 2 coats of Zoya Kitridge then topped it with 2 thin coats of Pink Me. On my ring finger and thumb I applied 2 coats of Hearts On Fire and a Love water slide decal from KBShimmer on each ring finger. And on my middle finger I applied 2 coats of KBShimmer Eyes White Open, topped it with 2 thin coats of A Heart-Shaped Love, added stripes with Hearts On Fire and accented it with a silver glitter heart.I then topped it all with Glisten & Glow HK Girl top coat.


I would definitely recommend that you give Philly Loves Lacquer polishes a try! You can find them at her website Philly Loves Lacquer. It’s good to be back and I should have a post up soon with Glisten & Glow’s Winter Remix Collection – Young Wild and Polished Collaboration.





Yes I’m Still Here!!!

Hello everyone! I’m sure some of you have been wondering if I maybe had dropped off the face of the earth and then others probably haven’t even given me a thought lol. Whichever the case I am sorry for my extended absence!  The holidays ended up being much harder to get through than I had anticipated. I think that we, or maybe it was just me, had just been numb, on auto pilot after and just got through it all in survival mode after my mother died. This last Christmas was even harder which kind of surprised me. Whatever it was I just didn’t have the energy or even desire to try and keep up with the blog. I have even toyed with the idea that maybe I should just abandon it but after some thought I just really didn’t want to do that. With the kids being grown and not much for me to do these days I need something to keep me occupied lol! But I would like to make some changes to the blog. I would really like to branch out a bit and not just focus on nail art/polish. I have already included some makeup posts here and there in the past. I would like to delve into that even more and also have some posts that are slightly more geared toward more mature( I really dislike that word but not as bad as saying old lmao! I just am at a loss for another term!) woman. In my own experience in searching the net for information on makeup products and skincare I have found it rather difficult to find information geared towards people more my age( I will be 50 in a few short weeks!). Not that there aren’t some of us out there among the younguns in the blogging world! But a good deal of what I do find are articles telling me what they believe women of my age should not be wearing…a lot of which I do not agree with lol. I may be older but I am far from dead and will probably be rocking glitter at my funeral lol! Also I am going to be undertaking the journey to get healthy and shed some very much unwanted pounds that I have acquired since having my hysterectomy. And then there is the menopause….would also maybe like to have an occasional post on that subject as well! Big ideas that only time will tell if I can accomplish some of this! I am by no means an authority or professionally trained on any of this but would like to be able to provide a place where ladies in my situation can come to to maybe find answers, options, etc. Or even have some ladies contribute their own stories and the solutions they have found to work for them. I will still focus a good deal on nails art/polish since that is one of my great passions and what I know best, the other I am just muddling along with in life and trying to find my way!  I would also really like to change the name of my blog but I am horrible at trying to figure out a new name. It took forever to come up with the one I have and although it is an ok name it is not one I am overly enamored with! Any suggestions are welcome. And last but not least since I am approaching a major milestone birthday I would like to have a big giveaway to celebrate and also celebrate my return! Any suggestions, ideas or help would be greatly appreciated! I also would love to hear your thoughts on all the ideas that I have presented to you and that have been rattling around my mind for the last couple of months along with the thoughts on maybe trying to start a YouTube channel lol. I have been batting that one around for a long time now. Just when I think I will just bite the bullet and give it a whirl I hear of someone’s issues with hateful people and nasty comments and I think to myself, do I really want to deal with that??? I am still trying to fine tune my ideas  and formulate a plan, but I am glad to be back and will be posting again soon! I hope that everyone’s new year has been off to a good start and that it will continue to go that way!

The 31 Day Nail Art Challenge ~ Day 7 Black & White Nails

Next are black and white nails in the 31 Day Nail Art Challenge. Another fairly easy theme and one that I kept simple again with stamping. After my base coat I applied 2 coats of Zoya Snow White and a coat of Glisten & Glow HK Girl to help it dry quicker. Then taking Sinful Colors Black On Black and Pueen Cosmetics Love Elements plate PUEEN27 I stamped on a rose and lace pattern.  Then to add a little sparkle I applied a coat of China Glaze Fairy Dust over the stamping. Of course I can never seem to go without some sort of sparkle lol!!! Then I finished them all with a coat of HK Girl to coat. No too bad and I really like that pattern with the lace and roses.


The 31 Day Nail Art Challenge ~ Day 6 Violet Nails

Now we are onto Violet nails for the 31 Day Nail Art Challenge. Of course this would be one that I look forward to since I like purple…errr violet lol!!! I really love the purple polish from the pipe dream polish Street Carnival Collection so that is what I started with for this look. On all nails but my ring finger I used 2 coats of pipe dream polish harlequin and then a coat of be my flamingo, a glitter topper with a mix of pink and red glitters also from pipe dream polish. On my ring finger I started with 2 coats of Zoya Snow White as a base and then with a fan brush and pipe dream polish rhythm, masquerader and harlequin I did a dry brush technique. I topped all nails with a coat of Glisten & Glow HK Girl top coat. I really love how this looks! I definitely think I need to do my nails all in the dry brush technique in these same colors! Probably my 3 most favorite colors and also my most favorite to use all together. Looks like summer on your nails….and I am trying hard to hang onto summer for as long as possible!!! I cannot believe it is September already!!! Where did this summer go?!?!? Or for that matter where did the year go?!?!? The older I get the faster time seems to slip by ….. and I don’t like it!


The 31 Day Nail Art Challenge ~ Day 5 Blue Nails

Now we have blue nails for the 31 Day Nail Art Challenge.  Just recently I placed an order with Zoya because of a promotion they were running for a free exclusive satin trio.  When you purchased $25 you received the trio for free and when your purchase was over $30 you also received a free Satin Seal Top Coat. I decided to order some of the new fall shades and wow are they awesome!!! I picked up Cinnamon, Ember, Estelle and Giada. The satins are pretty as well, they are Dagmara, Antoinette and Constance.


Now onto the blue nails! After my base coat I applied 2 coats of Zoya Estelle, from their fall Flair Collection, to my pinkie, middle finger and thumb. To that I applied a coat of Glisten & Glow HK Girl to help it dry quickly. Then I used Color Club Cherubic and the CICI & SISI 2014 Special Collection Christmas Plate to stamp the design. On my ring and index fingers I used a recent Mystery polish from Loaded Lacquer. That being said, since it is a mystery there is no description for it, so I will be winging it…..OMG!!! LOL! In my opinion it looks to be a very pale pinkish purple crelly with lots of glitter: gold metallic squares, gold holographic squares, tiny holographic bars, small blue holographic glitter and a purple micro glitter. Phew, I think I got them all but if not…oh well lol!!! There is a ton of glitter in this polish!!! I used 3 thin coats of this on each nail. The small blue glitters really popped next to Estelle! I topped all nails with a coat of HK Girl.