Pretty & Polished Moving Sale

Pretty & Polished 2

Pretty & Polished is having a moving sale right now and you can get most of their products at near wholesale cost! Here is what they posted on their Facebook page yesterday:

Good morning everyone! We have a big announcement today. Pretty & Polished will be moving! We have been making this transition for a while but we are officially making the big move July 1st and overhauling the brand from the ground up. This is great for us and for you! Why is it great for you? Well, we have a lot of inventory, and we don’t want to have to transport it all. So starting at noon today, we are lowering all of our prices from now until we run through the currently made inventory at our old location. You will be able to get most of our products at near wholesale cost!

Once July 1st comes around we will be changing a lot! We will be releasing a slew of new colors and products but we will also be discontinuing some as well. The following is a list of polishes that will no longer be available once we sell out:
Punk’d Up Betty
Boy Bleu
Sand Art
Parting the Red Sea
Spring Fling
Sea Spray
(Plus all polishes in our Say Goodbye and From the Vault sections)

But we will have a lot of new products to offer as well including a Blogger inspired line, a Candy Shoppe line, and much much more!

So head on over to their website and check out the deals!

Pretty & Polished

For updated information, check out their Facebook page!

And you can also find them on Instagram



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