Incoco Nail Polish Appliques

This post is long overdue. Last month I was contacted by the Social Media Specialist for Incoco about their 100% real nail polish appliques. I looked at their site and then replied with some of my favorites. A few days later I received two of these in the mail. I have never tried the nail polish strips or appliques as Incoco calls them. I will have to say the concept intrigued me because I love have designs on my nails but sometimes doing them yourself can be frustrating to say the least. Well so can these! But like I said this one my first try with them so I’m sure when I get the nerve to try the other package it will probably go better than these did lol. Also I will do a better job of taking pictures lol…should have taken pics of the packaging and the strips out of the package before they went on my nails. Oh well this blog is definitely a work in progress and I learn new things all the time. Usually after I have already made a post is when the light bulb comes on and I think to myself …duh, you should have done this or that lol. Oh well you live and you learn!

Ok the ones I am showing you first are the Incoco Nail Polish Appliques in Berry Swirl a pretty shimmery pink and purple marble design. I love the colors and definitely love the look without all the hassle of doing a water marble. As I said before this is my first attempt at anything like this and it did not go particularly well. My nails seem to be a bit wide and they didn’t always fit my nail and I could not get them to stretch enough without ripping them.



This nail ended up with a small slit in the strip where it started to rip.


This was the way with several of my nails. I just couldn’t get them to cover the whole nail without ripping the strip.





Overall it didn’t look too bad if you didn’t look very closely at my nails lol. Hopefully when I get up the nerve to try the other ones it will go better. Since my first attempt I have done a little bit of Googling and found a few tips to hopefully improve my experience the next time. I can see where these would be something great for those of you who lead very busy lives and don’t have enough time to do your nails. Or those times when you just get busy and don’t have the time to do your own or just don’t feel like it. Once you get the hang of doing these I’m sure they don’t take long at all. My first attempt took about a half an hour to 45 minutes to finish. Plus for me they are a bit pricey at $7.99 for solid colors and 8.99 for designs. You can buy a bottle of nail polish for that and most times even less and have enough for many more manicures than just one! Check out all their colors and designs here. They even have them for your toes too.


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