Bondi Nail Art

I recently joined a Bondi Swap group on Facebook and they were running a contest & giveaway for all members. All you needed to do was submit pictures of your nail art using Bondi color/colors as the primary color by August 30. You could enter three pics. I entered 2 looks. I only have a small collection of 5 Bondi colors so far(but a very big wish list lol).

The first one I did I used Bondi Teal Magnolia and Zoya Mira. This was my first attempt at a Ruffian manicure. Not too bad for the first try. I like the combination of teal and purple together.

TealPurpleRuffian2 TealPurpleRuffian1

The second one I did I used all Bondi colors…NYPD, Teal Magnolia and Lady Liberty. This was also a first attempt at a Cloud manicure. This I did late at night because my first idea did not work out. I think I could have done much better if I had just waited til the next day lol. It definitely could use some work but it wasn’t horrible. Another one of those you live and learn lessons lol.  It also seems that I am experiencing some polish shrinkage using Sech Vite as a topcoat with the Bondi polish. I will have to invest in their base/top coat I’m Vers when my budget allows for extras.

AllBondi1 AllBondi2


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