31 Day Challenge ~ Day 16: Tribal Print Nails #31DC2013

This is my first try at tribal print nails. It went better than expected. I will say that this just is not my style though. Especially with these colors. I have seen some do the tribal print in softer colors so maybe that would be more my style. I really need to get a better range of colors. As I am doing this challenge I am finding that I am lacking some colors. I will have to work on rectifying that lol….oh what a terrible thing that will be to do!! Ok for this look I used two coats of SinfulColors My Turn from their Leather Luxe Collection and it has a matte finish if you don’t use a top coat. it’s the only gray I have lol. The rest of the colors I used are SinfulColors Folly, Bondi New York Teal Magnolia, and Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Brisk Blue. I then applied the detail with black striping polish. And then finished with a coat of Poshe,





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