31 Day Challenge ~ Day 18: Half Moon Nails #31DC2013

Today’s theme is an easy one…or should have been lol. I had my colors all picked out and was all ready to go this morning. Started off well. Got my base coat applied and then put on my first color…Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Blue_Away and let it dry. Or so I thought. I decided to make sure it was really dry and let almost two hours go by before I started placing my rounded French nail guides at the base of my nails. I then proceeded to paint on my next coat of color…Sally Hansen Insta-Dri  Lively Lilac. When I went to peel off the guides my first color started to pull up with them!! After almost two hours of drying time in between(I made lunch for my middle son and I after putting on the first color). I could not believe it!! So needless to say, I had to redo the whole left hand….grrrrrrr lol. So what should have been a quick and easy manicure turned out to be not so quick and easy! Oh well that’s just the way it goes sometimes! After finally getting the second color applied I then used a silver striping polish along the line where the two colors met and placed a small purple rhinestone in the center. Finished it off with a coat of Poshe.




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