31 Day Challenge ~ Day 27: Inspired By Artwork #31DC2013

I have to admit that today’s theme has probably been one of the most challenging to me for coming up with an idea. Not that there aren’t many pieces of artwork to inspire me…just not many that i could see myself trying to do on my nails!! I finally decided on something relatively easy but fairly time consuming. Today we are going to go and spend time with our grandchildren while their parents go out for some much needed alone time. It is their 8th anniversary coming up on Tuesday October 1. Hard to believe it has been that long! So I did this last night and into the wee hours of this morning lol. I chose Piet Mondrian’s Composition with Grid VII. I liked the colors and figured the blocks would be an easy thing to replicate on my nails. It was but also just a little time consuming taping it all off. I could have tried to do it freehand but I have learned from experience that I do not do straight very well lol. To start I used two coats of SinfulColors Snow Me White and then applied Out The Door top coat over the white. This way if I made any mistakes they can be easily removed and I won’t have to redo the whole nail lol.  I decided to just pick random areas of the painting to recreate on each nail and used striping tape to tape off the design. The colors I used are Sally Hansen Xtremewear Mellow Yellow, Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Blue-Away, Wet n Wild Wild Shine Tickled Pink, and Revlon Timeless. After completing my designs I applied a coat of Out The Door.


Piet Mondrian_9GxHJ3                Day27InspiredByArtwork31DC2013-1




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