31 Day Challenge ~ Day 28: Inspired By A Flag #31DC2013

Today’s nails are inspired by a flag. I am a fairly avid baseball fan and my favorite team is the Pittsburgh Pirates. And this year I can say that without wincing lol since they ended their 20 season losing streak! And they made it to the play-offs! So my flag inspiration is the Pittsburgh Pirate’s Jolly Roger. For my manicure I started with two coats of SinfulColors Black On Black on my ring fingers and thumbs. And two coats of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Lightning on all the rest. On the yellow nails I made a black and white stripe to one side of each nail with striping polishes. On the black nails I used SinfulColors Show Me White to stamp a skull and crossbones with Shany plate SH02. I then added white and yellow stripes to the tip of my ring finger and diagonally to the tip of my thumbs. I finished it off with a coat of Out The Door. So there are my flag nails for today. I think all my years of running to my sons’ baseball games made me into a baseball fan because I never really was much of a sports fan at all when I was younger. I was always and still am very much a girly girl lol.  I guess when you are at the baseball field every year from March to August for 20 years and sometimes every night of the week depending on how many sons were playing at that time, you start to enjoy it. And you miss it when it is all over. All I know is that I am a very happy Pirate fan this year since we know have a winning season and are in the playoffs! Way to go Pirates on clinching home field advantage for Tuesday’s Wild Card game today!!!






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