31 Day Challenge ~ Day 31: Honor Nails You Love #31DC2013

YAY!!!!!!! I made it….ok a little late lol. I blame it all on the Pittsburgh Pirates lol. Spent too much time watching the game last night so just waited til this morning to do my nails. But hey they won!!!!!! Ok enough of that and on to the nails. This look I have wanted to try ever since I first saw it. But I couldn’t do it then because I had to acquire the polished to do it with first! And then I just never got around to it. I thought it would be appropriate to do it now since Chalkboard Nails is the one that started this challenge and it is her nail design that I am recreating. It’s a very beautiful metallic foil gradient. You can see hers here. Overall I am happy with it. The sections could have been a bit more evenly sized….seem to have a bit more of the orange than the rest of the colors but oh well lol. I am done!!! And I kept up fairly well with it considering all the things that have been going on in my life lately. For this look all the polishes used were from the Zoya Irresistable Collection from this summer. I used Bobbi, Amy, and Kerry. All very beautiful metallic foil polishes. They even look pretty good for fall too. I sponged them on with a makeup sponge. And thanks to Chalkboard Nails for including a tip to make sure to use something to make cleanup easier because these polishes are horrible to cleanup. I put a layer of white glue on my fingers around each nail and let it dry before I started. Then after sponging I just peeled off the dried glue along with most of the polish that you always get on your fingers when sponging. There still was some cleanup to do and it was as frustrating as it usually is with this type of polish lol. There are a few sparkly bits still visible but not too bad! So there you have it, my final manicure for the challenge. Thanks you for bearing with all the posts from this challenge and I hope you enjoyed seeing some of them at least lol.




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