31 Day Challenge Roundup 31DC2013

I have seen a lot of Challenge roundup posts. So I thought I would look into how to do it and give it a try! Ta da! It wasn’t too hard to figure out . I’m really glad I decided to give the challenge a try. And very surprised that I stuck with it, especially since my mother had a very bad stroke on September 6th. But it gave me something to focus on and take my mind off of things that couldn’t be changed. Sometimes I was a bit late with my nails but only by a day at most. Some days it was definitely more challenging than others lol. Those days where I had no clue what I was going to do and worked into the wee hours! Plus visiting the hospital most everyday, which is still what is happening now. Thanks again to all my followers putting up with my daily posts! Looking forward to doing more things like this…maybe just not ones that I have to do my nails daily lol. Definitely have to do it again though because it is really good practice! Ok enough of my rambling! Have a great day!!



5 thoughts on “31 Day Challenge Roundup 31DC2013

  1. Hi there. Haven’t chatted with you in a while and didn’t know about your Mom. Hope that she is coming along OK. Hang in there.

    /Charlie charlieusa

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