Last Month’s Retail Therapy!?!?

As I told you in the 31 Day Challenge Roundup post, my mother had a stroke last month. Right down the street from the hospital are a Walgreens and a CVS. And not too far from there is also a Rite Aid. So I guess you could say I went shopping to help cope with the stress of all that was going on. Plus in that situation there was not much anyone could do but just wait and see how things were going to go.  I had been wanting to go and check out those stores for awhile now but just don’t get to that part of town usually. It just so happened that  Walgreens was having a sale on SinfulColors for .99¢, so we took a trip down there after leaving the hospital that night. And I stocked up!


Love Nails, Blue By You, Gorgeous, Frenzy, Amethyst, Enchanted, Let’s Talk


Pinky Glitter, Bikini, Folly, Dancing Nails, Sugar Sugar, Courtney Orange


Black On Black, My Turn, Silver Screen, Leather Loose, Unicorn, Snow Me White

Also that weekend I went to CVS and Rite Aid and found some cute Halloween polishes. At CVS I picked up Fantasy Makers by Wet n Wild  little tombstone bottles in Ghouls Rush In and Go With the Glow. And at Rite Aid I got some glow in the dark polishes in cute little pumpkin bottles. I don’t really see a name on them…it just says Glow Nail Color on the bottom.


And then finally that weekend as well was a trip to Sally Beauty Supply to stock up on some much needed things like base and top coats.  And I finally picked up a few striping polishes too.


Stripe Rite Paint in silver and gold metallic, Orly Ridgefiller, INM Out The Door, Poshe,

Finger Paints Striping Polish in Ch-Art-Coal Black and Hip Hip Hue-Ray


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