Bondi New York Nail Mail ~ Just the beginning……

In August I introduced you to a new nail polish subscription box from Bondi New York. In September they ran into a few difficulties with their subscription box. One being the fact that they have decided to let everyone pick the 3 colors they receive each month and that makes it a longer process to get packaged. But the most important problem was the fact that they were not happy with the formula of the new Fall/Winter polishes so they requested a reformulation which caused a delay in shipping.  So when we receive our October boxes we will also be receiving our September boxes at the same time. Plus any extra boxes that people ordered with the special deal they had. Also for all the inconveniences they made sure to compensate their subscribers in varying ways depending on how your are subscribed to the service. I am just a month to month subscriber and I received a $15 voucher to spend at their site on anything except their subscription service. So I immediately decided on some of the polishes that I had wanted that are being discontinued. They have them marked down to $8 from $12.50. So I ordered the three that I had really wanted but hadn’t gotten around to getting. I picked out Chasing the Sun, Strawberry Fields, and The Limelight. Now like the title of this post said…this is just the beginning! I took advantage and ordered a second box in September($16 was just too good of a deal to pass up for 3 polishes!). So this coming week they start shipping out the September and October boxes and I will be patiently awaiting 9 polishes and 2 beauty gifts! Going to be like Christmas here. I can’t wait!! I sense a Bondi swatching marathon in my near future! I love Bondi’s polishes and the fact that they are 5 Free polishes means that when my granddaughter is old enough I can share them with her! I have a little bit of time to wait lol….she is only 8 months old, but hey I can dream! As a mother of three sons, I have been waiting for this day a long time!! It can’t come soon enough lol. I have to give Bondi New York a lot of credit. They have been very good in keeping their subscribers informed while they experience these growing pains. I know some people probably were not happy and opted to get out of the subscription, but I have been very happy with them to this point. Any new business that all of a sudden sees a big jump in growth will have difficulties and I think Bondi will come out of this even bigger and better for it. But that is just my opinion of course. I am looking forward to a long and happy relationship with them.


Strawberry Fields, The Limelight, and Chasing the SUn


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