Fall Nails with a Pirate Twist

Recently we went to a costume party with a Heroes and Villains theme. We had gotten pirate costumes last year so we used them for the villain part of the theme. These are the nails I did to wear with the costume. The colors were a very good match.  I started with a base coat of Stuck on Blu! by Glisten & Glow. I am loving the new new base and top coat that I got from Glisten & Glow. I think I have found my new top coat with no shrinkage issues. I haven’t tried it will all the polishes I was having problems with other top coats causing shrinkage but I have tried it with several of the worst offenders. So far so good!! YAY!! I was starting to get very frustrated. On all but my ring finger and thumb I put 3 thin layers of Pretty & Polished Rake a Little Piece of My Heart. For my thumb and ring finger I used two coats of Revlon Divine and stamped a skull and crossbones design from Cheeky Jumbo Plate 6 with Sally Hansen Xtremewear Golden-I. Then I topped it all of with Glisten & Glow’s HK Girl top coat.  I really liked finished look and it matched my outfit and the pirate theme very well.






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