New Stamping Plates

After doing some extensive researching to find plates that I thought would work better than the ones I already have, these are the ones I recently purchased. I already own two different sets of stamping plates but I just randomly ordered some of the cheapest ones I found without really knowing what to look for. I have a set of Shany Cosmetics stamping plates and also a set of MASH nails stamping plates. Some of them stamp well and some not so well. The biggest issue I was having was with the full nail designs….my nails are a lot larger than those designs so they do not cover my whole nail! So from my research I ordered a Cheeky Jumbo Plate 6 Happy Holidays and the Pueen Love Elements #26-49 set. I am so happy I did. I am having a much better experience with my stamping. I just wish I thought to take pictures of my plates before using them lol. Sorry about that …still learning I guess!





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