Not even remotely nail polish related……..


Not only am I a very girly girl with nail polish and makeup addictions, but I am also a bit on the nerdy, geeky, etc, etc. side lol. I am a somewhat avid video game player. Over the years we have had numerous gaming systems and have many memories of playing games with my sons. Of course as they got older their gaming skills surpassed mine by quite a bit lol.  In 2011 a massively multiplayer online role-playing game called Rift was released by Trion Worlds. I actually started playing Rift before it was released in what was called the beta testing. While playing and reading Rift’s forums on their website I came across an event called Extra Life.  A 24 hour (well this year 25 hour) charity gaming marathon that benefits Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. This is from their Facebook page:

Extra Life was founded in 2008 to honor the memory of a Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals patient & brave young woman named Victoria Enmon. It has grown to become the largest charitable effort in the video game world with thousands of people playing to help local kids. In 2012, Extra Life gamers raised more than $2 million for children’s hospitals. The 2013 event is November 2nd, happening in living rooms, churches, schools, game stores and hospitals all over the world. Funds raised go to the local CMN Hospital which uses them however they’re needed most–typically for life-saving equipment, research and charitable care. Twitter: @extralife4kids

So in October of 2011 I played in my first Extra Life charity gaming event. I played again last year as well. Check out the Extra Life website for more information.  I had signed up this year but with all that has happened with my mom I forgot about it until I was checking my email the other day and had an email about the upcoming event, I haven’t done anything to try and raise any funds…not that I have had great luck with that in the past lol. But I have raised some and I think every little bit helps. I have been very lucky in the fact that my kids were all very healthy and so are my grandchildren. I can’t even begin to imagine what the parents of very ill children go through. This event is not only great fun but it benefits a great cause. I am still planning on participating again this year and am trying to see if I can get a few donations before the event on November 2.  Here is my fundraising page . If you can help awesome. If not I understand and you can just wish me luck lol. For some reason they are doing a 25 hour marathon instead of a 24 hour one …I am not sure why and haven’t really looked into the reason yet. I haven’t had too many problems until about the last 3 or 4 hours of the marathon and then it is like …OMG I can hardly keep my eyes open lol. But I have made it through every year so far. The game I play is a very active participant in this and they have lots of things going on during the marathon that helps keep it interesting and exciting. I’m hoping that there are others out there like me that have such a diverse range of hobbies lol. And if not please forgive me for this deviation from the wonderful world of nail polish and nail art lol!!!!


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