Pretty & Polished When Hearts Kaleidoscope

I recently decided to try out another indi polish maker. I chose Pretty & Polished and ordered 2 polishes from their Fall 2013 Collection and also their holographic top coat. This is When Hearts Kaleidoscope and it is gorgeous. I can tell you now that my pictures will not do it the proper justice lol. Pretty & Polished describes it as:

Creamy cranberry pink and gorgeous gold come together in a polish that is simply decadent.

Polish Type: Creme/Crelly

Glitter: Medium; Gold hexes and fuchsia circle glitters.
Opacity: 2-3 layers

It is even more beautiful on the nail than it is in the bottle. I used Glisten & Glow’s Stuck On Blu! base coat and then 3 thin layers of When Hearts Kaleidoscope. I had no issues with getting enough glitter on my brush. Very nice formula and easily applied. I finished with two coats of Glisten & Glow’s HK Girl top coat. I find that most glitter polishes take at least two coats of top coat to smooth them out. I will now overload you with pictures…none of which make me entirely happy but you will have that some days. Did get some of the depth to show in one of the pictures but it is a rather washed out looking pic in terms of color.  And the sun is not cooperating…but then it is late October in northwestern Pennsylvania lol. Have had some of that nasty white stuff already. I am so not ready for winter!!!


P&PWhenHeartsKaleidoscope-1     P&PWhenHeartsKaleidoscope-2

 P&PWhenHeartsKaleidoscope-3     P&PWhenHeartsKaleidoscope-4

P&PWhenHeartsKaleidoscope-5     P&PWhenHeartsKaleidoscope-6






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