Zoya Mason and SinfulColors Bikini

Last month everyone received a full size Zoya nail polish in their October Ipsy bag. There were three shades from their fall Satins Collection that you could possibly receive…Neve, Giovanna, and Mason. I was thrilled to see Zoya polish included in the bag and all three shades were ones that I wouldn’t mind having. I was hoping to receive either Mason or Neve if I had to choose. I got Mason and oh is it pretty!! Then a couple of weeks ago I had entered a giveaway for a bottle of Zoya Neve and won it! Big thanks to Kat from Kat Stays Polished!! I was really hoping to get my Ipsy bags posted but the last two months I just haven’t gotten around to it…maybe November. Just been so crazy around here with everything that is going on with my mom and then some health issues of my own that I am dealing with. Hopefully there will be some light at the end of the tunnel soon!

Ok on to the nails! Mason is a very pretty red violet metallic polish. I was looking through my ever expanding stash of polish to find something to go with Mason and I found SinfulColors Bikini a bright, not quite neon shimmery pink. I thought they went well together. A very nice contrast. Then I used  Stripe Rite metallic silver striping polish to accent all the nails. And of course I started with Stuck on Blu! base coat and finished with HK Girl top coat by Glisten & Glow.





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