KBShimmer Myth You Lots

It was a hard decision to figure out which of the KBShimmer polishes that I wanted to try first. I decided on Myth You Lots, a multi-chrome with a linear holo from their Winter 2013 Collection. This polish shifts from blue, to purple, to red, and more. First off let me say that my pictures will not do this polish justice. And there has been no sun to help out either! And just a warning I have A LOT of pics of this. I was trying to capture as many of the colors as possible. I’m sure in the sunlight this polish will look super amazing. KBShimmer recommends using three coats by itself or one coat over black. I used three coats and it applied wonderfully. No problems whatsoever. I used my base and top coats from Glisten & Glow. Now onto the pictures!! All the pictures were photographed in a light box. The last three pics I used flash to help you see the holo.


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