Zoya Liberty and Carter

I finally got around to adding a couple more of Zoya’s PixieDusts to my collection. I loved Godiva when I tried it earlier this year. For those of you who don’t know about Pixie Dust, it is a textured, matte, sparkly polish from Zoya. They are really beautiful and have tons of sparkle. They are also very long wearing. It did take some getting used to the texture.   The first of my new additions is Liberty. It is from their PixieDust Summer Edition.  I have loved the look of this polish since the first time I saw it. It is a very beautiful bright blue color. I had read that there were some having problems with it staining so I did use a base coat under it since i always have problems with blue polishes staining. It worked great. They recommend that you not use a base coat. Or a top coat but then that is really a given if you want the texture lol. But they do look awesome with a top coat or two or three LOL. They do tend to suck up the top coat very fast so you do need to use a few coats to get it to look smooth and shiny.One of these days I will have to do some with a top coat and show you. I am getting low on top coat so I didn’t even bother with it this time. When I wore Liberty there was no sun to be seen! So I have two pics taken in my light box without flash and one with flash.


My second addition to my PixieDust collection is Carter. I love purple. It is probably my favorite color followed closely by pink! Carter has a very dark almost black base and tons of purple sparkle. I love the look of it …a very unique color for me. I don’t have anything close to it in my collection so far. The only issue I had with Carter was that I had one nail I had to redo because it didn’t seem to want to dry and it dented. Just take your time and make sure to let each layer dry completely.  I actually had a couple of sunny days when I wore Carter so some of the pics are in sunlight plus I took some in my light box.

For both Liberty and Carter I used three thin coats and let each coat dry thoroughly before applying the next coat. The PixieDust polishes tend to dry rather quickly so it really doesn’t take that long. I really love the PixieDusts and need to add some more to my collection! Have you tried them yet? I think everyone should try them or ones similar at least once! I have always been one who tends more towards the shiny smooth nails but I have really grown to like these polishes And as you can tell I seem to have favorite colors for different seasons lol. In the warmer months I tend to gravitate towards pinks and oranges and then once it starts to get cold out it is blues and purples. Hopefully I can try and branch out a little bit lol. I keep trying but the same colors are always the ones that tend to stand out for me. I will have to work harder on expanding my color range !!!


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