I am still here!

Yes I am still here!! It has just been even crazier around here than it was. I didn’t think that was possible but I guess I was wrong. This post will have absolutely nothing to do with polish but I would just like to give a bit of an explanation for my absence.  As if it wasn’t bad enough that my mother had a massive stroke, she now has been diagnosed with lung cancer. Right now it is only a spot on her lung. She recently had a bone scan and a cat scan and they didn’t show anything anywhere else. Now we are just waiting on her to have a pet scan….which she can’t have until she gets out of the hospital because it is an outpatient procedure. I really don’t understand but my doctor said it probably has something to do with insurance regulations. Imagine that.

And you ask why was I talking to my doctor? Well I have been having a few issues with chest pains…well I guess more than a few. I’m thinking it was just stress but called and made an appointment with doctor to make sure. Several years ago I was diagnosed with a condition called mitral valve prolapse and for those that have symptoms, chest pains can be one of them. Most people that have this condition either don’t know they do or don’t have any problems with it. I have not been that lucky. I have the occasional chest pain and spells where my heart will beat rapidly or kind of flutter. This would happen infrequently until recently when it has been happening more often and multiple times a day. So hence the reason for doctor’s appointment. I had an ekg and all was good except that she said my heart rate was very slow. So she said that since it has been awhile since I had an echocardiogram, she would like me to have another one as well as a complete blood work up. So we set up one and got the blood work done. All the numbers for my blood work came back really good except for my vitamin D level. They want it to be around 50…mine is 11. So I am now on 50,000 U of vitamin D3 once a week for 8 weeks. Then I have to have blood taken and retested and see where we are then. The results of the echo were not as good as the blood work lol. It came back slightly abnormal….areas of parts of my upper and lower heart are larger than normal. My doctor said this could possibly mean that I have a leaky valve but she wasn’t sure and thought the report from the cardiologist was rather vague. She wants me to see a cardiologist and see what they say I need to be doing. If the valve is leaking she said that I might need to have it repaired before it could do any damage to my heart and have to be replaced instead of repaired. But as she said she doesn’t really know if is to that point yet and maybe I could just be prescribed something to help. So I now have an appointment with the cardiologist on December 9. It is a bit unnerving but it will be nice to know exactly what is going on and what I need to do about it. The possibility of surgery kind of scares me but I am trying not to get too worried until I know I need too lol.

And then finally, the insurance company has decided that it is time for my mother to leave the hospital….so she is going home tomorrow. My dad has been getting a lot of training on how to handle her since she still has no use of her right side. She is quite a bit stronger now and can help out with her good side some so it hasn’t been too bad. Might be a different story once they are home but they are going to be getting a hospital bed and we already have a wheelchair ramp installed at their house. Plus my dad’s mother had several strokes and they have a lot of things left from when my mother took care of her. It will probably be an interesting few weeks until they get everything figured out and a routine established. So that is where I am now…oh and of course Thanksgiving was thrown in there too lol. It went well for my first time …thank goodness. That would have been a meltdown for me for sure if it hadn’t lol. I do have lots of pictures just waiting for the posts to accompany them lol. I hope to have some done tomorrow! I also am planning to do some holiday nails soon as well. Hopefully things will slow down around here soon…a person can only take so much!!! 


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