A few odds and ends to finish out 2013.

I was hoping to get this posted before this but it just didn’t happen. This holiday season has been a very odd and even more stressful one than usual and I am kind of glad it’s over. I’m sure the rest of my family can agree on this as well. One of the few bright spots was my grandchildren…they seemed to thoroughly enjoy the holidays and were a joy to watch as they did! Okay, I have a couple of holiday manicures left to show you. I didn’t get as many done as I had hoped but there is always next year lol.

The first is some candy cane nail art I did using Zoya PixieDust in Tomoko and Chyna. I started off with two coats of Tomoko. Then using some scotch tape pieces that I cut, I made a candy cane pattern and applied Chyna. Using tape over PixieDust is very tricky to say the least. It requires lots of patience because it doesn’t stick all that well. But if you are patient and careful you can do it without too many problems lol. I know I say this every time I use Zoya PixieDusts but I really love the look of them. And they are so long wearing too.


The other manicure is a very simple one that I did because I needed something on my nails and had limited time. So after a base coat of Stuck On Blu! I applied two coats of China Glaze Velvet Bow. Over that I put a coat of Pipe Dream Polish all these diamonds, a holographic top coat full of micro holographic glitter and holographic dust. I love it! And to finish it of course I used HK Girl top coat(I am going to have to make a post specifically about HK Girl soon now that I have had ample time to try it out!)


4 thoughts on “A few odds and ends to finish out 2013.

    1. I love my Zoya polishes. Zoya is one of my most favorite brands I have right now. At first I wasn’t very sure that I would like the PixieDusts…I am more of a smooth and shiny nail type of gal. But I just love how pretty and glittery they are!

      1. Ohh very pretty colors! I have Mimi and Giovanna and Channing are on my wish list lol. The other two I had not seen before…they have so many polishes! I am slowly amassing quite a collection of Zoyas!

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