Pipe Dream Polish

I follow Pipe Dream Polish on Instagram and have for a little while now. I’m not sure how I started following ….might have been a requirement to follow through a giveaway or might have been from one of the days where you just sit and look at all things nail related and find more loveliness to follow lol. I am always looking for new indie brands to try and that day some of her swatches caught my eye. It is always so hard to figure out which indie brands to try becasue there are so many great brands out there.  I decided to take a look at her site. As soon as I saw frozen over I knew I had to have it ….and the swatch pictures only sealed the deal more because I loved the whole look of the mani done with it. I also have recently discovered my love of all things holographic so I also picked up all these diamonds which I used on this mani here. I’m sure I will be visiting her site again soon!


Info for Pipe Dream Polish:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pipedreampolish

Instagram:  @pipedreampolish

Website: http://pipedreampolish.bigcartel.com/

The following is my version of the look using frozen over on her site done by @ermahgerdperlish on Instagram. You can see hers here. I started will the usual base coat these days – Stuck On Blu! and then followed with 4 thin coats of Zoya Gaia. Yes 4! Gaia is very sheer but such a beautiful white with a subtle gold shimmer. For my ring and index fingers I used SinfulColors Gorgeous to stamp the snowflake pattern from the Cheeky Jumbo Plate 6 Happy Holidays. Then for the rest of my fingers I applied a thin coat of frozen over. These are the perfect colors for snowy winter nails….to go along with the cold, snowy weather we are having here. When I checked into this look a little further with@ermahgerdperlish , I found that she applied a matte top coat to give it an even more frosty look. So I first applied HK Girl top coat over all and took pics. Then I applied a coat of Revlon Matte Top Coat and took more pics. It does give it an even frostier look with the matte top coat. I wasn’t sure that I would like it but after trying it I think it looks even better matte than shiny.  I also noticed that I seem to have a bit of shrinkage which has never happened tome since I started using HK Girl top coat. I’m thinking maybe since I used a lot of layers of polish that I didn’t let them dry enough. Or maybe Zoya Gaia is particular lol. But I love the look and think it is a great winter looking mani.




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