From the KBShimmer Blogger Collection

I really love KBSHimmer polishes. I warn you now this is a very picture heavy post! I have four polishes for you from the KBShimmer Blogger Collection…Green Hex and Glam, Snow Much Fun, Strung Out, and Plum Tuckered Out. All of the polishes in this collection were a collaboration with 11 different bloggers. I think that would be awesome to do! All are with a base coat of Stuck On Blu! and two coats of HKGirl top coat. And all are presented with pictures from my light box without flash and with flash to give you as accurate of a representation as possible with my limited photographic abilities lol. Although they are gradually improving at times. I do have a new light box that I have been using. Please forgive me while I try and get used to using it!

First up is Green Hex and Glam, a collaboration with  Nails by Kayla Shevonne . Greeen Hex and Glam is a deep green jelly with varying sizes of silver holographic hex glitters. It’s a stunning polish. I’m not normally a big green fan and this one caught my eye right away. This is three coats as recommended on KBShimmer’s website. I really love the look of jelly polishes. I love the look of the suspended glitter…such wonderful depth.

Next is Snow Much Fun, a collaboration with Manicurator . This polish was the very first one that I knew I had to have from this collection. It is just such a pretty polish. And not only appropriate for Christmas but for the winter as well. It is a very frosty looking light blue jelly polish with light blue holographic glitter, white glitters in various sizes and finishes, micro holographic glitter, and white snowflakes glitter. Some slight fishing for snowflakes was necessary but not a big problem. Truly an awesome polish.

Up next is Strung Out, a collaboration with Candy Coated Tips. I thought this way a very unique looking polish and just had to get it. This polish is a black jelly with circle glitter in various sizes and colors as well as some holographic micro glitter. This is three coats on it’s own. This polish is chock full of glitter. Next time I would use one or two layers of this over a black polish as recommended on KBShimmer’s website. Doing three coats on it’s own I ended up with a ton of glitter on my nails lol. Which of course made for kind of bumpy nails, even with a couple of coats of HK Girl top coat. I definitely didn’t have to do any fishing for glitter with this one!

Last but not least I have Plum Tuckered Out, a collaboration with Pointless Cafe. This polish is a beautiful plum color with a blue shimmer that sparkles in the right light. This was two coats and it applied beautifully. I had a bit of a difficult time capturing the shimmer in my pictures but you can see a bit of it. So much more sparkly in person. You will have to forgive the messy look to my nails in these pics…at least in the ones where I used flash. I decided to try a black background in my light box and never looked at my pics first before I removed the polish lol. Obviously my new black background cloth had some I guess you could say…shedding issues or something lol. Oh well those things can happen!

Ok there you have my small selection of polishes from KBShimmer’s Blogger Collection. All of the polishes were great and it was hard to pick out just  a few. If you haven’t tried KBShimmer polishes yet I would recommend them highly! You can find them at their site: KBShimmer Bath & Body. They also have a number of bath and body products which I have yet to try…like I need to be addicted to something else!!  Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!!


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