Pond Manicure

I was browsing through some nail designs when I came across this term. When I did a search for images I was surprised to see that this was just a variation of a glitter jelly sandwich mani but using nail art between the layers of polish instead of glitter. So of course I had to give it a try! Unfortunately I don’t have many plain jelly polishes. Most of mine are jelly with glitter polishes. This will have to be rectified!!! Anyone with some suggestions for good jelly polishes PLEASE let me know lol!! So I did some looking and came up with SinfulColors Boom Boom. It is sort of a jelly. It is a bit more opaque than I would have wanted but beggars can’t be choosers  in this situation. It turned out ok but definitely need a more sheer jelly to have this look exactly like I would like. I really would like to be able to remember the exact manicure that I first saw that gave me this idea but it eludes me. No surprises there…these days I am lucky to remember my name sometimes! Getting older sucks!!!! And I will be adding another year soon. Next month I will be two years closer to that big 5-0! Not sure I am ready for that.

 Ok enough of that  and on to the mani! Of course I started with a base coat of Stuck On Blu! and a thin coat of Boom Boom. Once that was dry I used SinfulColors Snow Me White and a dotting tool to make random dots on each nail and kept them spaced fairly far apart. Once that was dry a applied another thin coat of BOom Boom and then another layer of dots making sure to put them where no other dots were. Then another thin coat of Boom Boom followed by one more layer of dots. Just make sure to let each layer dry in between. After the last layer of dots I added on more thin coat of Boom Boom and then a coat of HK Girl. It looked okay but some of the dots from the very first layer you can’t even see. Definitely need a jelly that is a bit more sheer. So I went looking on Amazon and found some of the China Glaze jellies from their 2013 Summer Collection….can’t wait to try them! If anyone has recommendations for a good jelly polish that they like to use please let me know! This color was very hard to photograph…my camera didn’t seem to like it. Actually think I need a new one because I now have a black speck in all my photos which is most likely dust in the lens. So I have to take pictures all to one side to avoid that black speck! Since it is just a point and shoot digital camera it would probably cost way more to try and get it fixed lol. So now I have been starting to research a new camera for a purchase sometime in the future.


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