Butter London Bluecoat and Rebel Fox

I am posting these two together since they are similar polishes in that they are both shimmery polishes. I started both off with a coat of Glisten & Glow’s Stuck On Blu! and applied two coats of polish then finished with HK Girl top coat. First is Bluecoat, a gorgeous opaque, navy shimmer. This is an amazing polish to see in person. My pictures just don’t show how much it shimmers and glows. It is a very pretty blue polish. The formula was excellent as well. It went on smoothly, dare I say…almost like butter lol. Ok I know that was bad but I couldn’t resist!

Next is Rebel Fox, an opaque oxblood shimmer. This is a very pretty color as well and not one I have in my collection currently. This is a color I wouldn’t normally have picked but I am glad I did because I can definitely see me wearing this. The formula was just like Bluecoat and went on wonderfully. I am very happy I decided to give Butter London a try. I am glad to see that they live up to their expectations. Not sure that I will ever pay full price for them but it is nice to have been able to try them.

If you haven’t tried Butter London yet I would highly recommend them. I have noticed that they seen to occasionally put their last orders on 50% off, which is how I purchased these. You can order them here: Butter London


One thought on “Butter London Bluecoat and Rebel Fox

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