Nicka K New York Classic Taupe

I received this polish in my December Ipsy bag. I had never heard of this brand before. I did a search and came up with their website: Nicka K New York. They have everything from makeup and skin care to fragrances and hair styling tools. This particular polish retails for $4.99 on their site. The color name is not marked on the bottle…there is a number on the bottom: NY112. When you look this up on their site you find the name Classic Taupe. It’s a very pretty color and made me think of chocolate after putting it on my nails. The formula was very good and went on smoothly without any trouble. I used my normal Glisten & Glow Duo, Stuck On Blu! base coat and HK Girl top coat and 2 coats of Classic Taupe. Unfortunately I had problems with this polish chipping 2-3 hours after I applied it. I haven’t had that problem in awhile especially since I started using the Glisten & Glow products. But I have found that some polishes just don’t play well with certain base/top coats so I will give this another try before giving up on it. I really do like the color. And the shape of the bottle is great. I have to admit to buying polish solely because I love the bottle lol. I’m sure there are probably others like me out there…or at least I hope so!


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