Zoya 3 Free Promotion Polishes

Zoya had a promotion at the beginning of January where you could get 3 of their polishes for just $12 shipping and handling. This was a really good deal since their polishes are $9-10 depending on what ones you get. They also offered a deal if you purchased $25 or more you would get the 3 free polishes and free shipping…that’s what I did. It was only marginally easier to pick out 6 colors instead of only 3 lol. They have so many beautiful colors that I would love to have.I finally chose Aurora, Barbie, Starla, Malia, Nidhi, and Charla. All such lovely colors that I can’t wait to use! Also for those that took advantage of the 3 Free promotion, Zoya gave you a code for  a Free Monet With Spring 2014 Color Purchase! So now I need to decide what polishes I want from their new spring colors!! I really love Zoya not only for their polishes but for their frequent and generous promotions. They are great enablers to my polish addiction LOL!



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