February Nail Art Challenge ~ XOXO

Nail Art Challenge

I am a little behind on posting…again! Finally had a stress test done, not the one they wanted to do originally but one that the insurance would approve lol. Also it is so cold here that all I want to do is huddle under blankets and try to stay warm. Hopefully the worst of it is behind us. Luckily we are missing this latest round of snowstorms. Although my husband is still having to deal with it. He works for our state’s Department of Transportation and they sent some of the drivers and foremen to the eastern part of the state to help out with the snow. Hopefully he won’t be gone for too long.

Ok onto the nails.  This day’s theme was XOXO and I did some simple stamping. I started with my usual base coat of Glisten & Glow’s Stuck On Blu!. On my thumb, middle finger and pinkie I used 2 coats of Color Club Miss Bliss and on my ring and index fingers I used 2 coats of Beyond. Just a warning: there are a ton of pics in this post!! I love holographic polishes and feel I need to show you a lot of pics to give you the best look at them!

On each index and ring finger I used Mentality Sly and Pure Ice Silver Mercedes and Cheeky stamping plate CH29 to stamp lips. Under the lips I used a nail art brush to paint on XOXO with Silver Mercedes and Miss Bliss. I finished them off with a coat of HK Girl top coat.


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