February Nail Art Challenge ~ Match OOTD and Studs Combined

The next two themes in the February Nail Art Challenge I combined. When I did my Match OOTD I had forgotten that the next theme was Studs and I didn’t really want to do another look with studs. So I am being lazy and just using this for both lol! First here is the shirt that I wore out Saturday night that I matched my nails to:


A very pretty silky red fabric with simulated black leather trim with black and gold buttons. I got it on clearance not long ago from Bon-Ton. I really dislike pictures of me but I am toughing it out lol. I just don’t think I am one who photographs well but of course I have been told that is just my opinion too.

For my nails I started with a coat of Glisten & Glow’s Stuck On Blu! base coat and 2 coats of SinfulColors Sugar Sugar.  To that I added a coat of HK Girl top coat. Down the center of each nail I used Finger Paints Ch-Art-Coal Black striping polish to make a stripe. Over the black stripe I used Salon Perfect Matte FX Striping Polish to give it the matte appearance of leather. Using a dab of the Matte FX I placed 3 gold studs down the center of each black stripe, The Matte FX held the studs in place and I didn’t have a shiny rim around them like I would have had if I had used my usual It’s So Easy For Rhinestones Only!!. Overall I was very happy with the look and how it matched my shirt. And it was easy to do, which is always a plus!

As I am sure you noticed in my last post I have had a nail break and cut all my nails down. They are sooo short now. I can’t wait until they grow back some!!! Winter has not been kind to my skin and nails no matter how much I try to keep them moisturized.


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