February Nail Art Challenge ~ Floral

Nail Art Challenge

The next theme in the February Nail Art Challenge is Floral. Sometime toward the end of last year I purchased some Kiss Nail Artist Flat Stickers that were on sale at Walgreens. There are 3 sheet of stickers in this package and some were flowers with dots of silver accents so I decided to use them with my new polish from my February Ipsy bag, which I reviewed here. Zoya Dot is from their new Awaken Spring Collection and is a very beautiful baby pink cream polish. It was a bit streaky and I had to use 3 coats to get it to even out. I then used stickers with white, yellow and purple flowers. Two on each of my thumbs and ring fingers and one on each of the other fingers. Of course as always I started with a base of Stuck On Blu! and finished it all off with a coat of HK Girl top coat. Nail stickers are a great way to get the look of nail art without all the frustrations of doing it freehand lol!

3 thoughts on “February Nail Art Challenge ~ Floral

    1. Thank you! I have tried Orly Bonder and it worked well but after using it for awhile it turned my nails orange. I stopped using it and the orange color started going away. So I went looking for a new base coat at the same time I was trying to find a top coat that didn’t cause my polish to shrink lol. I heard about HK Girl top coat and decided to go ahead and try their base coat too. I love them both. They work very well for me. Wow thank you for the nomination!

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