Pastel ~ Spring Thaw Nail Art Challenge


For my pastel nails in the Spring Thaw Nail Art Challenge, I decided to try something that I hadn’t done before…a dry marble also called dry water marbling. Dry marbling is quite a bit less messy than a water marble and you end up with a similar look. Not quite the same but close enough for me! I did have some problems with getting too much polish on the nail, but I’m sure with practice I can improve on that aspect. As usual I started with a base coat. Then I did each nail separately. I started with a thick layer of Sally Hansen Xtremewear Mint Sorbet then added blobs of Wet n Wild Wild Shine Tickled Pink and SinfulColors Mint Apple randomly on the nail. Using a very small dotting tool, I swirled the colors together to get a marbled look. Making sure not to over mix the colors because I didn’t want the colors to get muddy looking. After letting them dry for about a minute I applied a coat of HK Girl top coat. On some of the nails I ended up with a lot of polish on and that took awhile to dry. I used this tutorial by Cutepolish on YouTube.

Here are some close ups of the individual nails. Along with having problems getting too much polish on my nails, I also had a few places where I swirled too deeply and scraped the dotting tool along my nails. This resulted in little holes and slashes in the design. I could hold my fingers up to the light and see the light through the little dots on my nails lol.  Definitely will need a bit more practice to master this technique!


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