Sparkly Ladybugs ~ Spring Thaw Nail Art Challenge

The next theme in the Spring Thaw Nail Art Challenge is ladybug. I did some sparkly ones for the challenge. I don’t mind the way they turned out but I think I would do them a bit differently next time. Maybe a little smaller and more rounded black area and also add some antenna. Oh well I will just have to remember that the next time I ever do ladybug nails! Ok on to the nails. After applying my base coat of Stuck On Blu! I used 2 coats of Zoya Nidhi, a sparkling metallic red polish. When that was dry I painted the tips with Zoya Storm and with a striping brush add a line down the center of the nail. Witha dotting tool I made the spots on the ladybug with Storm as well. With a dotting tool I used Pure Ice Silver Mercedes to make the eyes and with a smaller dotting tool added storm to the center of each eye. I finished it up with a coat of HK Girl top coat.  These are definitely appropriate for the beautiful spring weather we have been having! Have a great day!




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