Bunnies ~ Spring Thaw Nail Art Challenge

And with this post I have caught up in the Spring Thaw Nail Art Challenge. This theme is bunnies and these are the nails I wore for Easter. My granddaughter loved them and was always looking at them and saying bunny. She’s so adorable and looked so grown up in her pretty little dress. My grandson is pretty adorable as well and looked very handsome in his shirt and tie. Always good to have all the kids together for holidays as well as most of the rest of my family. I hope everyone who celebrated Easter had a wonderful day!


For this look I used 3 coats of Sally Hansen Xtremewear Heat Stroke after applying my base coat. On my pinkie I used China Glaze Lotus Begin and a dotting tool to make dots. On my thumb I used China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy and a dotting tool to make dots. For the middle finger I used both Lotus Begin and Flip Flop Fantasy and a dotting to make a pattern of dots. For the ring and index finger I made bunnies starting with SinfulColors Snow Me White and the largest dotting tool I have to make a large white circle on each nail. With a nail art brush and Snow Me White I made the ears and used Wet n Wild Wild Shine Tickled Pink for the center of the ears and the nose. With a dotting tool and SinfulColors Black On Black I made the eyes and used a thin nail art crush to add the mouth. I added a bow to each bunny, one with Lotus begin and the other with Flip Flop Fantasy. Topped them all off with HK Girl top coat. The bunnies turned out fairly well. We won’t speak of those on the right hand though…they were a bit scary looking lol!!!



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