Butterfly ~ Spring Thaw Nail Art Challenge


The next theme in the Spring Thaw Nail Art Challenge is butterfly. Sticking with my habit of simple nail designs lately I decided to use one of my many butterfly stamps that I seem to have. After applying my base coat I used  3 coats of Zoya Starla on my pinkie, middle finger and thumb and 2 coats on my ring and index fingers. On my ring and index fingers I used Mentality Emily (or as it was formerly known and the name on my bottle Scalawag) to stamp one of the butterfly images from Pueen Love Elements PUEEN39. Since this polish has a jelly-like consistency to it,  I then applied another thin coat of Starla over the stamping which made Emily look purple to match the small purple rhinestones I placed on the base of the other nails. I then applied HK Girl top coat to all my nails.  I love this polish and even though it is a jelly-like polish it builds to opacity nicely in 2-3 coats depending on how heavy handed or not you are with your polish. I love the color of Starla which Zoya describes as a vivid nearly-neon purple with strong pink tones accented by silver microglitter. To me Starla is a very bright hot pink with a silver microglitter. However you describe the color…it is gorgeous! I took a lot of pics of this because the stamping is kind of subtle from a distance and I wanted you to be able to see the design. I love the macro abilities of my camera and I’m sure I have only just scratched the surface of all it can do!



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