Born Pretty Store Water Decals Review and Julep Saaya

Awhile ago I received some products from the Born Pretty Store to try and review. I have had these done for a little while but just haven’t had the time to post because of how crazy life has been lately! So finally here they are!

Before applying the decals I started off with my base coat followed by 2 coats of Julep Saaya from the May 2014 Julep Maven subscription box. Saaya is a beautiful golden apricot shimmer. The formla on the one was very good and I didn’t have the drying issues I have had with some other Julep polishes in the past. I also added a coat of HK Girl top coat to help speed up the drying time as well since I was going to be applying the water decals and didn’t want to have smudging and denting issues lol. I made very sure that my nails were completely dry before applying the decals. The decals I chose to receive were a pretty pink and green rose pattern. I really liked the look of the decals but found that when I went to apply them that the particular design of the decals was not a good fit for my nails. My nails are very large and wide and this design was made to be placed in the corner of your nails at a diagonal and they just would not cover enough of the space on some of my nails.  Luckily they did have varying sizes so I was able to have enough to do a decent job on at least the hand that I photograph! Other than them being too small for some of my nails they applied easily and I will definitely be purchasing some more decals in the future. Just single image ones that do not require a specific placement on the nail lol! I had never used water decals before and I had no problems applying them with the instructions provided.  It is definitely an easy way to get the look of nail art without all the time and effort of doing it yourself. Here is the information on ordering these decals and remember to use the code: DMX31 to get 10% off your order:

Website: Born Pretty Store

Item: Vintage Arabesque Blue Flower Patterned Nail Art Water Decals

  Price: $2.86/ 1 Sheet with free shipping worldwide


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