Julep Maven May 2014



Today I have the Julep Maven box for May. I usually don’t get many of the Julep boxes but have kept my subscription and just skip most months. I have thought about cancelling my subscription but now that you can only earn a skip option every 6 months I decided to keep it since I am “grandmothered” into the ability to skip any month I want.  Do you subscribe to Julep? If so, did you get the box this month and what are your thoughts on the new Plié Wand? Not a subscriber, but would like to sign up? Here are some details from the Julep website about their monthly subscription tiers:

Take the Maven Style Quiz, find your Style Profile, and choose your Welcome Box and subscription type

After your Welcome Box, the contents of your monthly box will depend on your subscription tier.

Each My Maven Box includes over $40 worth of limited-run nail color and/or innovative beauty products. We curate five new boxes every month, one for each Style Profile. If you have a fully customizable subscription, you can personalize your box as much (or as little) as you like.

Note: If you do not have a customizable subscription (i.e. if you signed up for the program before 4/29/14 and have not switched tiers), you’ll still have the option to preview all boxes and try a new Style Profile.

Each Maven Luxe Box includes over $60 worth of beauty products. We curate one Maven Luxe Box per month, and all Maven Luxe subscribers have the option to customize.

All My Maven and Maven Luxe subscribers have the option to upgrade and/or add on to their boxes every month.

Julep does have some beautiful colors and I received 2 this month along with their new Plié Wand. The Plié Wand was the main reason I chose to get this month’s box. I have always thought I could do a better job at painting my nails if only the brushes were longer. So this was my chance to see if I was right about that! I am usually an It Girls but chose the Bombshell box this month because I just loved the colors. Laree is a golden pink taffeta shimmer and Saaya is a golden apricot shimmer. Pinks and oranges are definitely my go to colors when the weather turns warmer! I tried out the Plié Wand with Saaya and you will see that in an upcoming post. The wand works wonderfully, I really like it. It does take some getting used to at first and I’m sure not everyone will use it in the same way. Just work with it til you find what works best for you. Here is a video from Julep on how to use the Plié Wand : How to Use the Julep Plié Wand With the wand you receive an extra cap and brush. Also in the box is a packet containing 2 extra caps and a brush(the brushes come inside a cap…just pull the brush out and you have the cap!) Overall I am very happy with Julep’s box this month.


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