Random Ramblings and My Blog’s First Anniversary!

Hello everyone. Life has continued to be crazy for me lately. Hopefully it is finally going to calm down. May is always a busy month for my family because we have numerous birthdays. May 1st is my husband, May 2nd my brother-in-law, May 3rd my brother, May 5th my oldest son and May 21st my dad.  And of course Mother’s Day is in May as well and I hope all the mothers out there had a great day! This year we added two graduations to the mix! My youngest son graduated from college with a  bachelors degree in Criminal Justice and is now hoping to get into the police academy. My middle son graduated from a technical school with high honors and an associate degree in Network Administration and Security and is now in the process of finding a job. I am very proud of them both!

Also about a month ago it occurred to me that it was coming up on my first anniversary for my blog. As fast as it occurred it left and I now find myself just a couple of days before the date of my first post on this blog. I was hoping to have a giveaway going by now but everything just totally slipped my mind with all that has been going on around here. Hopefully in the very near future I would like to have a giveaway to celebrate one  year of blogging….just a little late! I would love to be able to include my international readers as well, so if anyone has any great ideas for a giveaway feel free to comment! I really have no idea where to begin when it comes to giveaways lol and especially what to do to be able to include my international readers. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Now that life is finally starting to calm down(I hope!) I can focus on the blog and start posting more consistently. I know I keep saying that and then life keeps throwing me curve balls! Coach, I want to sit out this inning lol!!!! It feels like I have been on a roller coaster ride since my mother had her stroke last September and I need a break and some normal, boring life for a change.  I have a lot of pictures  that need edited and posted to the blog and I hope to start having regular posts real soon!  I also have been playing around and trying to get the hang of my camera, so I apologize in advance for the variations in quality for now while I figure out exactly what I am doing! Thanks for hanging around and helping make my first year more than I could have ever  imagined!


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