Memorial Day 2014

Happy Memorial Day to those of you who celebrate the holiday. I hope you’ve had a safe and happy holiday weekend! We’ve been putting on a new roof. Mostly my husband and two youngest sons. I just was kind of the extra set of hands when needed and the one who ran to get things so they didn’t have to keep going up and down ladders lol.

Recently I had a nail break so now they are all short. Most of the posts in the coming days won’t reflect that though because I have amassed quite a few nail pics that haven’t made it to the blog lol. But some of the the more time sensitive posts will have the short nails lol. Like the ones today. For my nails today I started with a base coat then on my pinkie and middle finger I put 2 coats of Zoya America; on my ring and index finger 2 coats of China Glaze Frostbite; and on my thumb 2 coats of Zoya Purity. To my pinkie and index fingers I added 2 thin coats of Pretty & Polished Halo TC and  2 thin coats of Pure Ice Freedom, a mixture of metallic small red hex glitter, larger blue hex glitter and silver stars. For  my ring and middle fingers I used Pure Ice Silver Mercedes to stamp a star image from the Pueen Love Elements stamping plates – PUEEN44 and then 2 thin coats of Halo TC. And finally on my thumb I used Zoya Sooki to stamp a wavy stripe pattern from Cheeky plate CH4 and 2 thin coats of Halo TC. I tried stamping with America but it just stamped too light and not as easily as Sooki. I added a coat of  Glisten & Glow HK Girl top coat to all my nails and 2 more to each of the glitter nails to smooth them out. I took all my pictures in the sunlight to capture all the sparkle going on. And because we finally have sun and warm weather!

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