Sassy Polish & Scrubs ~ Part 1

In my previous post I told you that I had been contacted by Danielle, the maker of Sassy Polish & Scrubs, to see if I was interested in trying out and reviewing some of her polishes on my blog. Of course being the polish addict that I am I said I would love to try out her polishes. So she sent me a discount code to apply to my purchases in her store on Etsy. I had a really hard time deciding on which ones to try since she has so many pretty polishes for sale! When all was said and done I had 8 polishes in my cart! This past Friday I received my box of pretties with a surprise free mini bottle of another one of her polishes and spent most of the weekend and part of today swatching, photographing, and editing! Here are the first 3 of the 9 polishes I have for you from Sassy Polish & Scrubs, Ocean Glow, Purple Shine, and Tiny Umbrellas and Tanlines. All swatches have a base and top coat. And all are photographed both outside in the sunlight and then inside in my light box to give you the best idea of the finishes and how they look both indoors and out. Just a warning: there are a lot of pictures! If you have any suggestions on how I could do things differently or any tips on how you swatch and review polishes please let me know! Hopefully I will remember to include all the important information!



First up I have Ocean Glow, a bright ocean blue polish with bright greenish yellow shimmers. This is a very beautiful blue polish that shimmers a pretty green depending on the light. It has a finish similar to metallic polishes and has a very different look when in the sunshine than when inside as you will see in my swatches. I used 3 thin coats for my swatches. The first coat can be a little tricky. Just use a thin coat to start off with and try not to overwork the polish or you will get bald spots. Once the first coat is dry the rest go on smoothly with no problem.

Next I have Purple Shine. I love this polish! This is probably my most favorite of all the ones I bought. Which isn’t surprising since purple is one of my favorite colors. Purple Shine is a brilliant bright purple polish with gold scattered holographic shine. The formula was good and gave me no problems. Again this is 3 thin coats of polish. The first coat is fairly sheer but it builds nicely after that. You could probably get away with 2 normal coats of polish to get it opaque. I like to use thin coats. I seem to have less issues that way lol. The color on this is outstanding and I just love the gold holographic effect it has.

And the last polish I have for tonight is Tiny Umbrellas and Tanlines. This is a beautiful orange holographic polish. The formula is very similar to Purple Shine and applies with no problems. Again I used 3 thin coats. I love the sparkle you get in the sunshine with these holograph polishes. This is a great color for the summer and will transition beautifully into fall and Halloween as well!

I will have part 2 and the next 3 polishes for you tomorrow. I really like these polishes and  encourage you to give them a try. The only complaint that I have is the bottle shape. They are very pretty to look at but a bit awkward to roll in you palms like I usually do to mix the polish. And that is not really that big of a deal lol! Definitely not a deal breaker for me. Danielle has a lot of polishes in her Etsy store so there is sure to be something for everyone! Her polishes come in a mini 5ml size for $4 and a full size 15ml for $7. Danielle has been awesome and offered my readers 15% off when you use the code: DEEZDAZZLE . Here is the information on where you can find Sassy Polish & Scrubs:





2 thoughts on “Sassy Polish & Scrubs ~ Part 1

  1. I had to come by and see your post on sassy polish & scrubs. I’m also doing swatches and reviews. I really like the ones I have done so far. Nice post and photos!! Jaime (thepolishedbutterfly)

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