Sassy Polish & Scrubs ~ Part 2

Today I have part 2 of my review of Sassy Polish & Scrubs. The next 3 polishes that I have for you are Pretty Pink Pumps, Golden Glamour, and Teal We Meet Again. All swatches have a base and top coat. And all are photographed both outside in the sunlight and then inside in my light box to give you the best idea of the finishes and how they look both indoors and out.


First up this time is Pretty Pink Pumps. a bright hot pink polish with a scattered holographic effect. This polish has a good formula and applied easily. The first coat is a bit sheer but builds nicely to opacity. As with the other polishes I used 3 thin coats.  I love this shade of pink! A must have color for the summer.

Next is Golden Glamour, a beautiful brown polish with a scattered holographic effect. When I was applying this all I could think if was that it looked like milk chocolate sprinkled with sugar crystals!! A nice neutral shade with some sparkle.  The first coat is also a bit sheer like the others of this type but does build up nicely. Again this is 3 thin coats.

And for the last polish in this post I have Teal We Meet Again, a beautiful teal blue polish with a scattered holographic effect. This color is somewhat similar to Ocean Glow but there are some distinct differences between the two. Teal We Meet Again is a deeper shade of blue than  Ocean Glow and does not have the green shimmer. Also I think that Ocean Glow has more of a metallic finish. Both are very pretty polishes. The application was the same as the other two polishes in this post and again I used 3 thin coats.

Ok six polishes down and three more to go. I hope you have been enjoying this peak into the world of Sassy Polish & Scrubs. Danielle has a lot of polishes in her Etsy store so there is sure to be something for everyone! Her polishes come in a mini 5ml size for $4 and a full size 15ml for $7. Danielle has been awesome and offered my readers 15% off when you use the code: DEEZDAZZLE . Here is the information on where you can find Sassy Polish & Scrubs:





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