Loaded Lacquer Megalodon

In a previous post I told you about Orly reposting my picture of my Tropical Pop glitter placement manicure to their social media sites and how exciting that was. Well that evening Heather from Loaded Lacquer posted a collage of some of my nails usinge her polishes and congratulating me on being chosen as her honorary swatcher… Continue reading Loaded Lacquer Megalodon

OMD2 Nail Art Challenge Day 15-17 & #summernorules Fav Neon!

On to Days 15- 17 of the OMD2 Nail Art Challenge! Day 15 ~ Abstract I have been doing a lot of stamping in these challenges lately. I used to have such a struggle with stamping until I got a new squishy stamper. For me it has been a game changer! So much easier to… Continue reading OMD2 Nail Art Challenge Day 15-17 & #summernorules Fav Neon!