OMD2 Nail Art Challenge Day 4 ~ Bright

Day 4 of the OMD2 Nail Art Challenge is bright. For this I did a color block with gold striping tape using Zoya Ali, Thandie, and Darcy. I painted on equal stripes of each color over a base coat(or tied as best as I could doing it free hand lol) and let it dry. Then in between each color I placed a piece of gold striping tape. Then finished with a coat of HK Girl top coat. I really wish I could do a good job of this lol. I always have at least one nail that no matter how hard I try I get really thick coats and they look lumpy lol. And no matter how hard I try to fix it or redo it they just don’t cooperate! And then Ali did not want to cooperate and show her true color to the camera! I tried all kinds of different light, positions, etc but it just would not show an accurate color. I even had sunshine!!!!! That came the closest but still not very accurate. Oh well that’s just the way it goes for someone who is just muddling her way through this photography thing!



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