OMD2 Nail Art Challenge Day 6 ~ Duochrome

Today’s prompt in the OMD2 Nail Art Challenge is duochrome. I wasn’t sure  I even had a duochrome in my collection. So I went looking and did come up with one and possibly another one and they are both very similar in color lol. This is not a category of polish I have many of for some reason and I am not sure why. And I only have 2 multi-chromes. I will definitely have to rectify that soon lol.  The one I found was Sally Hansen Triple Shine Make Waves. I very pretty, shimmery polish that shifts from green to blue. Makes me think of the water you see in some of the pictures of very tropical beach locales or mermaids lol.I kept the nail art simple so as not to cover up the beautiful polish completely. On my ring finger I added a clay flower slice from an Art Club Nail Art blue denim clay art carousel I found at Sally Beauty Supply. Then on my middle finger I added polka dots with Zoya Barbie to match the dot in the center of the flower. Although in the pictures you can barely tell the flower center is pink! Then topped it with HK Girl top coat.


One thought on “OMD2 Nail Art Challenge Day 6 ~ Duochrome

  1. Are you sure this is a duochrome? It kinda looks like it just has a green shimmer to it. I dunno…I’d have to see it irl. Pretty polish no matter what the finish is.

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