OMD2 Day 7 ~ Holographic

Today I have holographic nails for the OMD2 Nail Art Challenge.I chose to do a stamped gradient using Color Club Halo Hues. To start I painted my nails with a coat of Miss Bliss. After that dried I took a makeup sponge and applied stripes of Miss Bliss, Eternal Beauty, and Over the Moon and sponged them onto my nails. I let the first sponging dry a bit then repeated it to get the colors to show up well. The sun cooperated enough for me to get a picture of the gradient before I stamped.


After I was done sponging on the gradient I applied a coat of HK Girl top coat to give it an extra layer of protection for when I mess up the stamping, which I always do and I did lol! After much trial and error I decided on a heart stamp from Pueen Love Elements Plate PUEEN43. I stamped the design with SinfulColors Black On Black. And After I was finished I applied a final coat of HK Girl top coat. By the time I got done stamping the sun had disappeared and I had an awful time trying to get the light just right to show the holographic sparkle. I succeeded somewhat lol.


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