OMD2 Day 9 ~ Jelly


Day 9 in the OMD2 Nail Art Challenge is jelly. I love jelly polishes and would love to have few more in some different colors. I have 2 jelly polishes from Loaded Lacquer and they are awesome. I am definitely wanting to pick up some more of her jellies.  This is what is called a pond mani and the jelly I have for you today is Watermelon, a bright coral jelly polish. After my base coat I applied 2 thin coats of  Watermelon and let that dry. Then with a dotting tool I applied some polka dots on top. Not too many and let them dry. Over that I applied another thin coat of Watermelon and let it dry and repeated with these steps until I achieved the desired look, usually 3-4 layers of dots. After applying the final coat of Watermelon I added a coat of HK Girl top coat. I just love the depth that you get using this technique with jelly polishes. And this color is so nice and bright for summer!

These were taken in my light box:


These were taken in direct sunlight:


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