OMD2 Day 11 ~ Rainbow


Today’s prompt in the OMD2 Nail Art Challenge is rainbow. I decided to use my OPI Sheer Tints Top Coats for this since I now have all of them and haven’t used them yet! I did a rainbow gradient using them all on each nail over Zoya Purity. Starting at the cuticle and going up to the tip, I used them in this order: I’m Never Amberassed (yellow), Be Magentale With Me (pink), Don’t Violet Me Down(purple), and I Can Teal You Like Me (blue).  The Sheer Tints are a bit thick and goopy. They were a little difficult to sponge on, if you didn’t work quickly they got stringy. I know that description probably leaves a lot to be desired but I am hoping you get what I mean lol! It was bad but it wasn’t good. Not enough to discourage me from using them again. I really love the look of these and that there are so many cool ways to use them. I sponged the colors on once and let them dry then did a second coat to darken them up a bit since one coat was very pale. Then over the top I added a coat of Pipe Dream Polish all these diamonds because I can’t seem to stay away from the sparklies and a coat of HK Girl top coat. I like the look and it was fairly easy to do once I got the hang of using the Sheer Tints.


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