OMD2 Nail Art Challenge Days 12-14


As you know I am very behind on posting  my nails on the blog for the challenges I am doing right now.  I am going to be posting 3 days at a time of the OMD2 Nail Art Challenge so that I can get caught up faster! So prepare to be spammed with posts for a bit!!  On to the nails!!

Day 12 ~ 3D  For the 3D prompt I applied 2 coats of Clolr Club Halo-Graphic after applying my base coat. Then with It’s So Easy Rhinestones Only!! I applied a metallic deep pink star stud to each nail. I did not use a top coat this time because I was running out of my holy grail top coat, HK Girl and when I tried to use Sally Hansen Insta-Dri top coat it made “foggy” spots on my nails and dulled the holographic effect. Not really sure how to explain it but foggy is as close as I can come! It was not an attractive look! So I just left them without top coat since the holographic effect is the main draw of a holographic polish! Well, duh nothing like stating the obvious!! I took quite a few pictures to capture all the holographic goodness! And I also added a picture of how the nails looked indoors. What a difference a little bit of sun makes!!!


Day 13 ~ Ikat  This was my first ever attempt attempt at an Ikat design. It didn’t turn out too bad. After applying a base coat I used 3 coats of China Glaze Towel Boy Toy and let it dry. Then I took Finger Paints white striping polish in Hip Hip Hue-Ray and basically made random blobs of white in sort of diamond or triangle shapes. When that was dry I added LA Colors Art Deco Flamingo the same way over the white, letting the white show around the edges. Then when that was dry I used Finger Paints black striping polish in Ch-Art_Coal Black and added small black blobs to the center of Flamingo allowing the edges to show. And then added a feathered or scribbled edge on the outside of the design. Ugh, my descriptions are terrible!!! If you are really interested in trying out this type of design you can find many tutorials on YouTube when you do a search for Ikat nails. I finished these off with a coat of Sally Hansen Insta_Dri top coat. This top coat does dry quickly but it IS NOT my HK Girl!!! Not even close for me. It constantly makes small bubbles on my nails. Not matter what I do. No doing nails with fan on, no shaking bottle etc! Of course we have been having a lot of rain so humidity has been a constant even though it hasn’t been very warm most of the time so that can’t help either. But my HK GIrl performs great no matter what it seems! I finally was able to order some more HK Girl and am now patiently waiting for them to arrive! I did manage to pour the odds and ends left of a few bottles into one bottle, add a little bit of thinner and get enough to probably do a couple of manis LOL. Only two pics of these after the boatload of them for the previous mani lol.

Day 14 ~ Funky French In the last few months I had gotten behind on posting all the nails that I had been doing so I have quite a few nail looks hanging out on my cameras memory card! So this is one of those looks, which means my nails will be a variety of sizes for some of the themes of these challenges. Luckily there are quite a few that fit the themes so I haven’t had to do my nails all the time. Which is a good thing since I have been busy/sick/in pain, some or all three at times lol. This is one of those. I started with 2 coats of Zoya Storm after applying my base coat. After letting Storm dry completely I then used some nail guides I received as a free gift when I purchased some nail art items from a seller on Amazon and applied SinfulColors 24/7 . These turned out ok…some of the tips were very thick. I always seem to have problems with that occasionally. And if I remember right the day I did these was one of the few warm and humid days we have had so far this summer, so that didn’t help either! I will have to attempt this look again sometime and see if I can improve on my technique! I know that a lot of times we are always harder on ourselves and that a lot of people will think they look fine. I am guilty of that A LOT! These were topped with HK Girl top coat by Glisten & Glow.

There you have Days 12-14. Stay tuned for Days 15-17!


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