OMD2 ~ Days 30 & 31

Down to the last two days!!! Finally!!

Day 30 ~ Fashion Inspired  For this look I took my inspiration from my bathrobe. I’m not sure that counts as fashion but close enough for me! It’s a nice fuzzy short robe with a hood that I picked up on clearance at Kmart earlier this year. And I love the combination of the bright pink polka dots on the black. After applying my base I used 2 coats of Mentality Rascal, a black matte with a very subtle shimmer. I used SinfulColors 24/7 and a dotting tool to make the dots. No top coat to keep it matte and kind of make it look similar to the fuzzy look of the robe. I like this combo and my polka dots actually turned out pretty well. I was happy lol.

Day 31 ~ Your Signature Style  This was a little hard for me to come  up with because I’m not really sure I have a signature style lol. I guess you could say that my signature style is anything with bright colors and glitter. So that’s what I did for this look! After applying a base coat I used 2 coats of Zoya Kitridge, a bright bubblegum pink cream from their Tickled Collection, on my pinkie, ring finger, and thumb and 2 coats of Salon Perfect Electric Grape, a neon purple with pink and blue micro shimmer on my middle and index fingers. To my middle finger I added a layer of Laquerlicous Beat The Heat. Then to each of  my ring and index fingers I applied 3 chevron NailVinyls. I  then applied the contrasting nail polish color and removed the Nail Vinyls while the polish was still wet . I really love these NailVinyls!! You can purchase them here: NailVinyls.  To finish I applied Glisten & Glow HK Girl top coat.

Ok there you have all my nail looks for the 31 day challenge! Only took 31 days + 12 LOL!


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