SquareHue August 2014 The Passport Collection Beverly Hills

It’s been awhile since I posted about SquareHue. I am still subscribed just haven’t gotten them posted. I really loved last month’s colors in the Passport Collection Barcelona. I used 2 of the polishes from that collection for a design in the OMD2 Nail Art Challenge here. Here is a pic of the polishes from that collection.


I am also loving the polishes in this month’s box as well. This month is the Passport Collection Beverly Hills. Another 3 awesome colors and finishes! Great job by SquareHue! All the swatches were photographed in my light box and are top coated with HK Girl top coat.


Rodeo Drive is a gorgeous kind of muted gold micro glitter. A nice smooth formula that is opaque in 2 coats. Some of my nails have some decent ridges on them and this polish did emphasize them a bit but nothing that a good ridge filler won’t fix! This polish dried fairly quickly as well. I love this muted gold color. It almost has a silvery look to it in some light. It is a hard color to describe but it’s beautiful!


Cañon Drive is an absolutely perfect purple micro shimmer. I love purple as you all know and this is gorgeous. The formula was great and went on smoothly. It was opaque in 2 coats. A nice color of purple to transition to fall with…not too bright but not too deep either. And I love the shimmer finish!


Wilshire Boulevard is a beautiful navy blue micro shimmer. Another awesome color and finish. This polish could probably be a one coater. I used 2 coats for the pictures. Another wonderful formula that goes on smoothly.


SquareHue is a monthly nail polish subscription box. You get 3 full size .5oz/15ml bottles for $19.99 ($14.99 +$5.00 shipping & handling). For more information you can check out their website: SquareHue


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