31 Day Nail Art Challenge Day 12 ~ Stripes

Stripes are up next in the 31 Day Nail Art Challenge. I always think that I am going to try and do stripes freehand but then I start and end up saying to myself “What in the world were you thinking?!?!?” LOL. So for this look I again used the awesome nail vinyls from NailVinyls.com. This time I used the straights in various sizes to achieve this look. I started with 2 coats of SquareHue Oxford Street. When that was dry I placed various sizes of the straights nail vinyls on each nail and alternated filling in with Crown Drive and King Street. I’m getting a bit better at getting them all pressed down nicely so that my polish isn’t bleeding under as much lol. Still a little bit of work to do on that but not bad! Finished it off with a coat of HK Girl top coat. Nice fall color combination and all these polishes were from the September SquareHue subscription box. I should have a review post on that soon.



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